For twenty years Magical Delights has been crafting and selling unique and innovative designed jewelry for an ever increasing range of customers, throughout the world.

Sometimes referred to as “The Tiffany of New Age Jewelry” we at Magical Delights have striven to produce pieces using common semi-precious and outré stone and mineral specimens into awe inspiring designs that are a delight to wear and energetic in function.

Magical Delights uses a unique technique: not cast, not wire wrap, not appliqué or beaded but rather employing precious metal wires and decorative soldering to set free form and cut stones into singular and individual pieces that appeal to the discerning collector and is available at reasonable cost for those of more modest budget.  This technique, used by no one else in the world assures our customers of works that are one-of-a-kind in both look, feel and practice and as singular as a snow flake and indeed magical.

Magical Delights now has a complete line that is beautiful, affordable and world renowned.  With stores in England, France, Germany, Demark, South Africa, Australia, Japan, China and through out the U.S.

We test our products selling at Art Festivals in the upper Mid-West and are available on the web in the Spirit Dancer Crystals store.